Treatments and Cosmetic Surgeries for gluteal augmentation

Today, more and more women are turning to new methods of increasing their buttock size to improve their figure. In addition to gluteoplasty (an aesthetic surgery that is carried out to improve the appearance and position of the buttocks), there are other options available in the market that can be used to increase the volume of the “butt” through non-surgical procedures.

The area of the gluteus muscles and surrounding tissues, is part of the body that can easily suffer the relentless consequences of bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. The tissues can become flabby, lose their shape and size, and perhaps even worse, cellulite can appear. These treatments will help you achieve the buttocks of your dreams; contoured, toned, and firm.


Gluteoplasty, also called gluteal lift, is an aesthetic surgery that manages to counteract the effects of gravity through the placement of silicone implants either under, in the middle, or on top of the gluteus muscle, producing an aesthetic improvement in the patient’s body.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Gluteal Lipoinjection: (Brazilian Butt Lift): This is one of the more popular cosmetic surgeries today, used by millions of women around the world who are looking to have a voluptuous and well-rounded rear. In this procedure, the plastic surgeon extracts body fat from the patient. The fat is taken from areas of excess from the patient’s own body, such as the abdomen, back, and inner and outer thighs. This essentially provides twice the benefit from a single procedure.

During the procedure the plastic surgeon will use different methods of preparation to separate and process the fat that will later be reinserted into the patient’s buttocks. This way the surgeon can emphasize the size and shape of the buttocks, while simultaneously sculpting the areas of the body from where the fat was removed. This surgery is only available to those patients who have enough excess body fat to carry out the operation.

Electro Stimulation

This is an alternative method used to stimulate the gluteal muscles through electrodes, with the aim of contouring and toning the buttocks. For this technique to be more effective, the excess fat in the back must be removed so that the muscle stimulation is more efficient.

Radio-frequency: This is a treatment that activates the production of collagen by heating the skin. This helps to retighten sagging skin, creating a lifting effect, thus achieving a young and revitalized appearance. The muscles are toned due to the use of electrodes. Effects of this aesthetic procedure can be seen early on, from the first therapies, and is even more effective with dietary supplementation, as coupling these together will help to re-firm the abdomen while reducing body measurements.

Thread Tensioning

This is an aesthetic technique that consists of tensing and firming the buttocks with the use of suspension threads, and can provide the patient with a lifting effect without the use of surgery. These absorbable threads are placed between the skin and the muscle with minimal incisions. The effects can last between 6 months to 1 year, depending on the patient.

Vibrating platform

This is a machine with a vibrating platform, which causes the natural contraction of all muscles in response to vibration. Working out on this vibratory platform helps you to recruit the use of muscle fibers, enhancing the effects of physical activity, in addition to improving post-exercise recovery, and helping to remove lactic acid from the muscles.

All the procedures mentioned above are subject to the preferences and physical conditions of each patient. You should follow recommendations from a trusted plastic surgeon to obtain the most optimal results in the safest manner.